Supercharge your internet connection with our seven steps to faster broadband. Speed up your connection and keep costs low!


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Here are our seven steps to faster broadband:

1.Test your current speed.

Before we start, let’s get a point of reference.

So, head over to to find your current download speed.

What did your Broadband provider say your download speed would be?  Is your actual speed more, is it less?  Share your results with us online – Facebook (/Neptisuk) or Instagram (@Neptisukofficial)

2.Make sure your network is secure

Aside from the security issue, if someone else is using your Wi-Fi they’ll be using up some of that precious bandwidth.  We can’t have that now, can we!  Therefore, lock it up tight with a unique password.

Head over to Computer Hope for a complete ‘how to’ guide.

3.Re-position your router

Is your wireless router hiding behind your sofa, or perhaps tucked in next to your TV?  You’d be amazed at the difference giving your Wi-Fi signal a clear path can make.  Therefore, find a nice spot with as little radio interference as possible and a nice clear view of any wireless devices.  Cordless landline phones can cause problems with your Wi-Fi signal, so keep well away when deciding the best spot for your router.

4. Update (or change) your Web Browser

Chrome, Safari, Edge and Firefox are just some examples.  So, make sure these are updated to the latest version.  Developers are constantly working to find the most economical way to use your bandwidth.  If all else fails, try a different one.  There are plenty of options.  All with different features designed to make browsing the internet a more enjoyable experience for you.

5.Use Ethernet (wired network) where possible

 Wi-Fi is great, and no one is saying it’s not convenient.  But as far as speed goes “Wired is King”. Therefore, if you are downloading a large file or uploading – connect up.

6.Install a Wi-Fi extender

Router in the living room and your bedroom at the opposite end of the house?  Because of this, your bedtime browsing speed can take a serious hit.  Get yourself a Wi-Fi extender.  There are plenty to choose from.  All varying in price and performance.  Check them out here.

They are easy to install, plug in to a power outlet and you’re good to go.

7.Switch your provider

 This is the easiest way to help improve your speed.  Make sure you are getting the best you can for the money you want to spend on better internet.

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