Keeping on top of utility bills

Keeping on top of necessities such as gas and electricity bills might seem like an everyday occurrence for most but for some juggling household bills can be easier said than done.

Utility bill debt is one of the most common types of debt across the UK, with thousands of families struggling to make ends meet. With utility companies not afraid to increase their prices at short notice and many people overlooking certain utility bills when planning their budget – especially those paid quarterly – it’s easy to see why once manageable bills can start to cause a problem.

The most common causes of utility bill debt are:

  • Direct Debits or standing orders based on inaccurate estimates
  • Unexpected utility bill price rises
  • Unexpectedly high usage, due to prolonged periods of cold weather
  • Lost bills
  • Moving house and forgetting to settle a final bill
  • Unexpected expenses that mean you can’t afford to pay your utility bill on time
  • Missed payments after switching supplier

Sound familiar?

If you’re struggling to cover the cost of your utilities each month, it’s important to take action sooner rather than later.

Switching energy supplier is the easiest way to save cash. According to reports a record 5.8 million customers across the UK changed electricity supplier, securing a better deal and highlighting that it really does pay to shop around.

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Understandably the thought of searching for the best energy deal can not only be daunting but also time consuming and complicated. However, taking the leap and changing supplier is easier said than done and can ultimately save time in the long run. the number of people on the search for change has never been greater which is why Neptis UK works in association with Orbit Energy offering peace of mind that your energy management is taken care of with little fuss.

However, for those whose financial situation cannot be solved there are solutions available that can help you regain control of your finances and write off debts you can’t afford.

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