These money saving techniques are easy to implement – give them a try today and start saving. 

The 1p Saving Challenge 

The easiest option to saving some extra cash is the 1p Saving Challenge. Easy to implement and follow through, you simply relying on your pennies each day to complete it. Save 1p a day, increasing it as the days go on.

Day 1 = 0.01p

Day 2 = 0.02p

Day 3 = 0.03p

If you stick to the plan for a full year you should end up with £667.95. And the most you’ll have to save is £3.65. Of course, the days when you’re saving the most will be in the run up to Christmas. If this isn’t ideal for you, you could always chop and change the amounts throughout the year.

Middle of the year, no problem – start this saving challenge today and get saving your pennies.

Save £1,378 a year with the 52 Week Savings Challenge (The £1 Saving Challenge)

If you want to up your game – try the £1 Saving Challenge instead. It’s the same concept as the 1p challenge. You simply increase the amount of pounds per week.

Week 1 = £1

Week 2 = £2

Week 3 = £3

If you stick to the plan for a full year you should end up with £1,378.  This trendy money saving technique has been super popular and you can find loads of support groups on Facebook.

Are you following a money saving challenge? We would love to know about your experience!

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