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Paul Henderson – Campaign Manager

Paul joined Neptis UK at the start of the year as a Sales Agent for our Energy campaign. He was one of our high performers, with plenty of drive and ambition. Paul also brought along with him vast experience in the energy sector, having previously worked for one of the big 6 energy suppliers in the UK.

Management quickly recognised Paul’s skills and progressed him into our Business Development department.

Paul Henderson is now Campaign Manager of our Energy Department. Fantastic character, great charisma and his vast knowledge in the energy sector, Paul makes the perfect manager for our energy department.

“Working passionately at Neptis UK has shown me how quickly one can move through the ranks. I am the Campaign Manager for our energy department, and I absolutely love leading my team on a daily basis, supporting with more training where necessary and taking a personal approach on motivating the team to be successful. One of the perks of joining my energy department are the weekly, monthly and quarterly incentives. Anyone that has ever worked in a sales environment would agree incentives should be fun, engaging and interactive – and that is exactly what we offer here at Neptis UK.” ~ Paul Henderson

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Garry Murdoch – Compliance Officer

Garry joined Neptis UK January 2019 as Sales Agent for one of our media campaigns focusing on Virgin Media, Sky and TalkTalk. His attention to detail, great work ethic and ability to recognise opportunities to grow quickly came to the attention of management.

At Neptis UK, we are all about developing our team members and helping them flourish. Our ethos is recognising talent, giving our team members the tools to develop and rewarding their hard work.

Garry joined the compliance team and undertook an in-depth training course in all things compliance, data protection, data management and sales agent evaluation training.

“Working at Neptis UK has given me the chance to recognise my key skills and build on them. I never suspected a future in compliancy and call monitoring. I’m thankful for my manager taking a chance on me and giving me this opportunity. I am currently under-going further training and development which will help me get to a management position in the future!”  ~ Garry Murdoch

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Scott – Grad Bay Team Leader

Scott joined Neptis UK as a Sales Agent for our energy campaign at the start of 2019. He now manages our grad bay as a leader, helping new-comers to adjust to our systems and gain confidence.

Scott works alongside the rest of the sales department, meeting targets and helping improve the new start journey.

“I enjoy being the Grad Bay Team Leader, I get to meet new faces and watch them gain confidence. Once they feel they understand the systems – the grads get moved into their permanent teams.” ~ Scott Flannigan

“Joining a new sales team can be daunting, but thanks to the grad bay programme, I was able to get support on using the software and systems. I found Scott helpful during my move from training to the sales floor” ~ Anon Sales Grad